Hilltop Energy have a passion for sports and nutrition and are committed to producing Natural Energy gels here in the UK. Here at Hilltop Energy we take our products as seriously as you take your performance. This is also why we are backed and approved by Informed Sports.


Backed by experts in the field we have created a unique range of Gels with all natural ingredients you can trust. We have taken a no-nonsense approach containing only natural ingredients. Honey, Salt and Fruit – that’s it! With Honeys natural unrefined sugars – it makes for the perfect endurance sport fuel. Hilltop Energy are dedicated to the long-term research of the effects of honey on exercise, as a natural alternative to carbohydrate-based sports nutrition products currently on the market.

It's all in the honey

Hilltop Energy are filled with antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties giving you the fuel to push your boundaries and be the best you can be. Whatever your goals are – we can fuel you to get there. Earn your stripes with Hilltop Energy.