Hilltop Energy Gel – 2 Cases (24 x 30g)

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Our 30g Hilltop Energy Gels contains only 2 ingredients. Honey and Salt – that’s it. Honey’s carbohydrate profile gives you the optimum amount of energy needed to fuel your sporting needs, naturally! Each 30g gel contains 22gs of carbohydrates!

  • Made with real natural ingredients - Honey and salt, that's it!
  • 20 - 30 minutes of natural energy
  • Natural Source of carbohydrate
  • Proven to improve endurance performance
  • Naturally promotes hydration


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    Here at Hilltop Energy we take our products as seriously as you take your performance. Backed by experts in the field we have created a unique range of Gels with all natural ingredients you can trust. We have taken a no-nonsense approach containing only 2 base ingredients; Honey and Salt – that’s it!

    Antioxidant, Antimicrobial & anti-inflamatory

    Hilltop Energy Gels give you the fuel to push your boundaries and be the best you can be. Filled with honey to bring you added antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Available in 3 flavours, Original, Strawberry and Blueberry. Whatever your goals are – we can fuel you to get there. Earn your stripes with Hilltop Energy.

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    Anthony Ferris
    The best all natural

    So simple honey plus salt, none of the bad stuff! The best gel I’ve used 👍🏼

    Anna Mc
    Perfect taste, too hard to open

    If, like me, you have food intolerances that eliminate most other gels on the market, and you love honey, then this is the product for you. It tastes great (I've tried all 3 flavors), and while a bit sticky, I also like the consistency. The only downside is that the opening (when the top bit is ripped off) is very small, which makes it very hard to gulp it down during races, one really has to waste precious effort to squeeze out tiny drops at a time. Having said that, once it's in it gives the desired boost!

    lee-paul field
    Star buy

    Originally trialed this product through a free sample. Loved the product, great taste and very effective on long runs. Can’t fault the customer service when i reached out, even had a email pre warning me of the latest up coming promotions. Would highly recommend

    Nick Henstock
    Starting to earn my stripes

    As someone who has only recently taken up running at 57 I needed some extra energy boost as moved from few 100m run to now doing 5km. The single shot natural honey boost has proved perfect to give me the kick I need on those days when I feel my energy levels low . Simple ingredients Honey and salts are reassuring to .