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Probably The best energy gels I’ve had

I’ve tried quite a few different energy gels, for taste these are the nicest by a country mile!
Just as effective as the top brand gels!

Great product

I purchased the gels on recommendation of my son, as we had discussed natural gels with no extras in the them.
These are exactly that, no extras.
No dodgy tummy after using them on the Jurassic coast ultra last weekend.
Great natural flavour.
I’d highly recommend them.


Great service very well packed items and delicious

Great product

Great taste, nice, neat handy size and no tummy issues. Love it

Fabulous Product

Absolutely love these gels. In the past my husband and I have actually used a container of squeezie honey when training indoors, but these are so practical to take outdoors, plus they taste even better with the hint of strawberry or blueberry! A brilliant product - all for the natural energy source to fuel my training!

Love it

Great taste, feels like I get a real energy boost before I go to the Gym

Got me through my first marathon!

Love them! Yesterday I finished my first ever marathon in Paris, and these gels got me through 13 weeks of training and the big day. I’ve never used gels before this training, and loved that these are natural, unlike most others 🐝✨

Energy Gel Taster Pack - (6 x 30g)
Ben Carr

Energy Gel Taster Pack - (6 x 30g)

Lovely taste

I loved the idea of the natural honey with the hint of sea salt, and was not disappointed! Lovely rich honey and with the hint of salt, it reminded me of honey on hot (proper) buttered toast! I've used during and before a run and no GI issues. Not usually a fan of fruity flavours as they taste artificial, but not with these, both strawberry and blueberry have the taste of the fruit, without an artificially sweet taste. Will recommend these.

Energy Gel Taster Pack - (6 x 30g)
Fabio Rosa
Great flavour and great energy supply

I like them. Good honey flavour. Couldn't tell if there's any hints of blueberry or strawberry. Good energy delivery.

Energy Gel Taster Pack - (6 x 30g)
Gerry Phoenix
Great Taste - could have been a little bigger.

I really enjoyed the flavour of these energy gels- the natural taste was favourite. However the other two (Strawberry and Blueberry were also tasty). The consistency was spot on as well. The only (minor) criticism was the size of the gel- which could have been been bigger!

Energy Gel Taster Pack - (6 x 30g)
Showkoth Uddin
It’s ok

It’s ok but I usually use SiS gels and they are much better

Great Product

Very happy with these gels. Taste is fantastic, but I do like honey. Very palatable, even when you miles deep and not feeling your best!!!
Maybe you don’t get the energy returns like you do from some other top companies, however, being all natural I have had no issue with stomach upsets etc. Thos means I can take more on board if and when required
The gels can be a little thick to squeeze out but it’s a small price to pay for a great product.

Great tasting energy boost

Really good stuff. Tastes great. I don’t know if it’s my tastebuds causing this, but I can’t massively taste the strawberry or blueberry flavours as the honey overpowers them. Other than that, no issues at all.

Great gels, just what I was looking for

Very happy with these gels. Yes, they are a tad hard to open but as a runner rather than cyclist that's less of an issue for me. The taste is not too sweet and not heavy or malty like some honeys can be. They are easy to consume while running and if I keep them in my belt so they are warmed to body-temperature during my runs they are just the right consistency.

Energy Gels

Really good energy gels…taste nice and make me run like the wind


Hi, I just wanted to give feedback from my husband who is a keen cyclist around beautiful Mid Wales. He liked the honey (with the blueberry being the best flavour) however he found it too viscous. The hole at the top was quite small needed 2 hands to roll the sachet up to get the honey. He didn't find it user friendly. We would much rather use your products as prefer a natural product. However his usual energy sachets are easier to use. Your other products are fabulous! Thankyou

Nice alternative fuel

Used a couple on a ride on Saturday. Lovely tasting, really noticed the salt crystals in aftertaste which I liked. Nice as alternatives to normal gels, and I feel would work well in alternation with other snacks, bars, gels.

Quietly impressed

No stomach issues which is always a worry. Ready to use on longer runs

Sample gels

Works well, great taste,

Sample gels

Great taste, used them today, did a half marathon and they gave me a nice boost


nice energy on a run :) blueberry was delicious

Hilltop energy gels

Nice and simple product. Great taste. works well.

they were very good size and have a good energy blast and i loved the original flavoured one, however the strawberry and blueberry flavours didn’t really taste to good. The honey over powers the real flavour and you can’t taste it that much, they still gave an amazing energy boost though

Less thick

Couldn’t swallow it didn’t give me any energy just hurting my belly mid game too thick and overdone with honey